Friday, May 30, 2014

Worth The Wait!

Oh man. This kid waited to be character kid for her school from August to February....I thought she might spontaneously combust if she weren't chosen....AND then when she least expected it...her art teacher Mrs. Bowen chose her for the month of February for the characteristic of being honest. Honesty. How stinking cool is that?!? She is so honest. Honest to a fault. She is a tell it like it is kind of girl with a knack for softening blows and making edges seem less sharp. This will make her a good leader, friend and spouse one day. Little did this little turkey know she would be chosen again for Character Kid before the year was over! What an honor! Not once but twice?!! That is my Georgia Grace. I pray favor over her every single night. She is my blessing and God is blessing her in BIG BIG ways and I think she is paying attention :-)