Friday, May 30, 2014

Bad News Bears

First game of the season. Let's go Bears! 

Worth The Wait!

Oh man. This kid waited to be character kid for her school from August to February....I thought she might spontaneously combust if she weren't chosen....AND then when she least expected it...her art teacher Mrs. Bowen chose her for the month of February for the characteristic of being honest. Honesty. How stinking cool is that?!? She is so honest. Honest to a fault. She is a tell it like it is kind of girl with a knack for softening blows and making edges seem less sharp. This will make her a good leader, friend and spouse one day. Little did this little turkey know she would be chosen again for Character Kid before the year was over! What an honor! Not once but twice?!! That is my Georgia Grace. I pray favor over her every single night. She is my blessing and God is blessing her in BIG BIG ways and I think she is paying attention :-) 

Dungeons And Dragons

Toad Suck!!!! A time honored tradition for our town! This was Jude's first Toad Suck and it did not disappoint!!!! He loved it!!! Georgie's choice for a face tatoo this year was a Dragon. It was fierce. Just like she is :-) 

Tickle Monster!!!

Y'all there are just not enough adjectives or time in the day to explain the love my mother has for these two and vice versa. They are all enamored with each other and it is so bitter sweet to watch. I am reminded of my love with my mothers mother and it makes me smile from the inside out. It also makes me sad bc I know one day she won't be here and they will feel that void for the rest of their lives. However, I believe with all of my heart and all of my soul that there is NO love in the world (except Jesus) like that of a grandparent. These two kids are lucky little ones and so am I. 

Mothers Day Weekend

My first Mother's Day as a mother of two. Also, my first Mother's Day to spend with my mom in a long time! Every year they would travel to AR for Easter so Mothers Day we usually spent apart bc they happen to be so close together. Now that they are back in AR we can spend every Mother's Day together! Woo hoo! Love having my own mama around for girl time, parenting advice, big hugs and lots of support. It was a fabulous weekend spent between Hot Springs and home so we could go to church on Sunday. It was a weekend for the books. I love being a mom and I love my mom. Win. Win. 

Just Call Me Stretch

Stretching Machine. This one. 

Let It Go

Pics from a dinner out just a couple of weeks ago. We celebrated Makennas 3rd birthday with a Frozen birthday party and then went to dinner with these crazy kids and celebrates Dans birthday! These girls are our life group babies. The parents of these wonderful children have become some of our dearest and closest friends. Jonathon and I are so blessed we all get to do life together. We also LOVE all there sweet kiddos. The boys (except baby Jude) didn't get to come bc they are all the little brothers but we love them too :-) Here's to celebrating many more birthdays! 

Ain't Life "Grand"?!?!

Pure Joy

This what pure joy looks like. "He's got the whole world in his hands." He sure does. This kiddo is loved by a big big God and it shines right through her. 

Friends Til The End

We love it when friends come to see our Bears play! Thanks for coming Ava Boo! They didn't win their game but they win in the friend dept every single time! 


Georgie was asked to be part of the Diamond State Princess Program in the Miss Arkansas Pageant. She loved spending time with Miss Central Arkansas and she loved all the fun new things she got to wear! Ha! Jude liked watching her be fancy! More pics of pageant week to follow!

Memorial Day

Just chillin on Memorial Day with the fam. 

Toe Pick