Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas

First of all let me say that this has been a wonderful first holiday season with my family. Every picture I snap makes me smile and then it makes me feel guilty with a capital G. I blogged almost every day of my sweet Georgia's life up until about a year ago and then life got busy and in the way and poor Jude hasn't gotten any blog lovin'. Sadly, it looks like he will be sharing a blog with his big sister. He is so amazing. He is so precious to me and to us and I will keep snapping away! My big girl turned 6 last week and she lost her first tooth on her birthday! The tooth fairy must have a side job bc she left Georgia 10 dollars under her pillow. She was thrilled! Santa came and brought my little music lover her very own big girl guitar and brought Jude a football. We were blessed. Georgia put veggies out for Santa and the Reindeer but we had to do cookies too...just in case :-) She is so tickled in the pic below with her tray! Merry Christmas friends from our family to yours. I hope your holiday was Merry and bright and I hope you blogged every bit of it :-)