Friday, December 27, 2013

First day of Kindergarten

I sincerely never thought this day would come. There were all kinds of emotions ranging from scared, nervous, excited, sad, happy, overwhelmed and just overall disbelief just to name a few and those were all my emotions. I can't imagine what she felt as we walked away. If she was scared or trepeditious she never showed it. She was ALL smiles. I knew when she walked through those doors her life would change forever. We were no longer the main influences in her life. Up until this point we have basically "chosen" her friends and her circle has been somewhat small outside of church and preschool and now? Now, she would go and make friends that like her and she likes them too. Now she would learn to follow big kid rules and be responsible for her own snack and her own bag and own everything. Oh my. I just wasn't ready. But the kicker is, she so was. She just like everything else was amazing. She has done amazing and this mama could not be more proud of her. This little lady was MADE for kindergarten. No dipping her toes in the water, she dug right in and hasn't stopped. That's my girl. My beautiful big kindergarten girl.