Friday, December 27, 2013


Turkey time! We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with family and as always ate too much and had too much fun!! We had lunch on thanksgiving day with Betty and Ed and then headed to my dads the following day. It was a good weekend. Jude isn't big enough for any turkey just yet but he's a little turkey all on his own ;) Here are some shots to capture his very first Thanksgiving!  


How do you teach your kids to have giving hearts and servant hearts? You show them. You lead. By example. We fail every day as parents in one way or another but we try, we so try to show them by serving ourselves. I hope and can only pray it's sinking in. We signed up for our church's annual Thanksserving this year! Last year G was 4 on thanksgiving and this year 5. This year she had even more questions if that is possible! Poor Jude, he's just along for the ride! 


Once in a while I get all the people I love in one place. This year we had Friendsgiving at my moms house. It was so much fun and one of those memories you certainly won't soon forget. These people, these women, they are my north. They are my center and when everyone and everything else goes astray, I know they've got me and I've got them and that's just simply the way it has always been and will always be. They are my soulmates. We just let the men stick around because they make cute babies.  I hope we have many more Friendsgivings to come. Zane loved it too. 

Snow day!!!

Mimi and Jude

She loves him so. I never dreamed how much she could love him. She is so enamored with Georgie,  I thought this one couldn't hold a candle. But oh how he does. 

Kindergarten Musical

She rocked it and that dress and bow are fabulous if I do say so myself. We were not prepared for the crowd and ended up in the back bc we were "early" but not early enough! Lesson learned! Next year
we will know to come STUPID early. She had fun and we enjoyed dinner out after with two sets of her grands. Jude was a good boy too :-) 

6th birthday sleepover!!!

Georgia wanted a sleepover for her birthday so a sleepover she got! They had a tea party, baked cookies, looked at Christmas lights and had a movie and popcorn. They were such good girls and G had such a great time. This is definitely the route to go from here on out vs a big birthday party! It was fun! Happy 6th birthday sweet baby girl. Slow down. Mama isn't ready for a 7 year old! 

Christmas Overload

Total overload. But how cute are they? And spoiled ;-)