Monday, August 12, 2013

Night and Day

What a difference gender makes...or maybe what a difference a 2nd time Mom and Dad's attitude makes. This baby is seriously the polar opposite (so far) of GGP. She fussed and cried constantly as a newborn and wanted to be held 24/7. She wouldn't sleep unless someone was holding her. Even still,  have I mentioned I still thought she was sheer perfection? She had colic and most days I wanted to beat my head against a wall. She did however grow into a perfectly well behaved well spoken toddler and is still today such a good kid. Good baby is not a label I would have bestowed upon my sweet girl.   Now, Jude on the other hand cries only if he is wet, dirty or hungry. He likes to snuggle but is often more content to be laid down and left alone. Jonathon says that is bc boys are different that way and like to be left alone sometimes. He sleeps and eats like a champ. We kept Georgia's eating logs from her first month home (bc little stinker also wouldn't eat) and he was already eating TWICE as much as her before we left the hospital and he was smaller than her (by 1 whole ounce). I think Jonathon and I would both agree that we feel differently this time around. We were both consumed with just keeping G alive bc we had no clue what we were doing. This time things are much more laid back and relaxed. Crying doesn't freak us out and we are expert swaddlers. J is way better at it than me. We are not just surviving but living and I like that. We ventured out to church yesterday and Jude slept the whole time!!  Suna came all the way from OKC to see us too this weekend. She came with presents, hugs and WINE! We have really missed her. Georgia has 7 days left until school starts! She has been practicing her math and reading. In one of pics below she is working while I feed the baby. Open house is on Wednesday !! Pray for me. I am so anxious about it.