Thursday, August 8, 2013

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginnings End

I am sitting in my living room looking at my sweet newborn baby, Jude. Georgie went to preschool today for the very last time before starting kindergarten. The place we have walked her in and picked her up from for the last 5.5 years. A place that has loved her and nurtured her and taught her things that I wouldn't have even known where to start. I am thankful and grateful. Jude will be there in just a few short weeks and I pray with all my heart that he has just a wonderful an experience as she has. Today the baby is 2 weeks old. We have spent the last two weeks getting to know him and Georgia is the BEST big sister just as I knew she would be.  We have ventured out to take kindergarten readiness tests at her new school and we find out tomorrow who her teacher will be and what friends may be in her class. I'm excited for her and scared and nervous and sad. My baby is growing up. Where did this time go? I look at the baby and I swear she was that big like 5 minutes ago. I love her. I love him. I don't want them to grow up so fast. But alas, that's what babies do. We have 12 days until kindergarten. 12 days. I plan on keeping her home with me and soaking her up as much as I can.  I plan on enjoying the two of my babies being here together for this fleeting time. My babies. So weird to think I have two kids. So wonderful. I'm not sure if I should incorporate Jude into her blog or start his own? Admittedly, I stink at keeping Georgia's updated lately so I am not certain two blogs is a good idea. We shall see. In other news, Georgie also finished a week and a half of cheer camp and we have an entire week off before school starts! Woo hoo! We plan on school supply shopping, eating ice cream and playing dress up with the baby in between games of candy land (I haven't won a game all week). I plan on trying not
to dissolve into a gigantic puddle of tears every time I think of watching her walk through those big girl doors at school. Wish me luck.