Monday, April 15, 2013

Cheer Force

Oh Cheer you have captured our hearts. We are finished for the year and we have an end of year party tomorrow night! These little Chicks won two National Championships, one competition they couldn't technically win bc our gym hosted but they were high score and we came in 2nd out of 8 teams at our last Nationals in Nashville, TN. She has made such sweet little friends and we will miss them so much next year as they are all older and will move up and G will still be a chick. She was the baby this year but next year she will be one of the oldest! We have traveled a lot and spent so much time together as a family as a result of the trips and made some really great new friends in some of the parents as well.
Even though she is little I can definitely see how cheer is a "lifestyle" and it takes a lot of hard work. She isn't afraid of work. and I love that about her. Love her big heart and love how badly she wants to win....she gets that from her daddy ;)