Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Wow. We are having a baby. I think I need a drink...I kid. Sort of. I always kind of saw myself as a one kid kind of girl. I am a self proclaimed control freak and let's face it, one is a lot easier to mind control than two. True story. Jonathon and I have talked about having another baby...well, I guess since always. We always kind of shrugged it off to, "Well, maybe when Georgia starts kindergarten." The time was upon us and we figured now or never. If God decided that was our path, great. If not, then we had been blessed with the most beautiful child in the whole world. I guess he has big plans for us. When Georgia has asked in the past, "When can I have a brother or sister?" Our answer has unanimmously been, "When and if God decides it's time for us." Big emphasis on IF. When we told her, her little face lit up like a light bulb and she said, "Mama, God decided it was time." She is over the moon and she will be such an amazing big sister! She already calls it "our baby." I am nervous and anxious and excited. Mostly, I think about giving Georgia everything she needs and making sure she is happy...bc you know, I need to be in control of her happiness and all :-) I worry aobut loving two and all my Mom friends say, "You just do". I trust that. I have to. In the meantime, I am happy and thankful for a healthy little bean. This pregnancy, so far, has mirrored mine with Georgie Poo. I have only been nauseous a few times and this time there has been Zofran for that. Mostly, I get a little queasy in the car in the afternoon on my longer drives home. We are looking forward to this journey ahead and I can't wait to share this little one with you all just as we have Georgia. I can't wait to have a another sweet little face to chase around with a camera ;-)


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the cute "only child expiring..." Shirt.