Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Nutcracker

After Jam Fest on Saturday we came home, had a little visit with Baby Brecken and then we got ready for a night on the town with Alicia and Chloe to see The Nutcracker. They chose Outback for dinner (a couple of girls after my own heart) and then we were ready to go. The girls loved the ballet and of course Georgia said she wanted to be Clara when she grows up. I think their favorite part was getting dressed up :-) Today is Wednesday and I am so very ready for another weekend. Saturday is Miss Priss's birthday party and then Sunday is our day to work at church and then we are going to my dad's for Christmas. I'm very ready to knock the rest of next week out and have some time off for the holidays! I want to wrap presents and drink cocoa by the fire and snuggle with my girl. Until then....the madness continues.