Monday, December 17, 2012

Please Come To Boston

The title of this post really makes no sense except that it's about Boston and it's one of my favorite songs...sometimes I'm crazy like that ;-) As I write this it is Monday morning and I am actually excited it is Monday! We had a great day yesterday celebrating Christmas at Dad's house(pics later) and we have so much else to look forward to in the coming week! Georgia has a cheer party, I have a work party, Georgia has a birthday party at school AND my Mom and Chris will be here on Wednesday! Georgia's actual birthday is Friday so we will have a birthday celebration then and on Saturday we are going to my Aunt Greta's. I should be tired just typing that! Whew! I only have a couple of gifts left to buy and I will be all done. Yay! Georgia has been an absolute holiday trooper so far. Ok, to the pics...Boston and Blake came to visit this week and as always the two bigs romped and roared and had a big time. Sweet Blake just tries to keep up. She is so precious, I wish Courtney would just let me keep her ;-) Jonathon and Georgia had gone to Hobby Lobby to get supplies to decorate her Christmas tree for school so she and Boston supervised the actual assembly of the tree. Jonathon looked so sweet with a hot glue gun and some glitter! I love him. I love these little kids. They make me smile. Given the CT school shootings this week and the loss of a beautiful little girl right here in town, I have felt all weekend that God is really trying to get my attention. I'm listening and I am counting my blessings. These three little ones make the top of my list.