Friday, November 2, 2012

Travelin' Band

Ahhhhh...the joys of traveling with a four year old. It is soooooo much easier than it used to be. I have been flying with G since she was about 6 mos old. This was trip was an absolute delight from beginning to end. In the past, I would get anxiety days before a flight bc she was TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE. As a baby she would cry bc her ears hurt as a toddler she was wiggly and didnt want to sit still. As a four year old I can say our biggest obstacle is that she thinks the bathroom on the plane is cool so she wants to go at least twice per flight. Oh and Delta Biscoff Cookies are her favorite! She hoardes them. We are finally out a week later at our house. Also, on flights past she usually wouldn't fall asleep until the wheels went down for landing...that only happened on one of our four flights this time. She fell asleep each flight and rested well for next adventure ahead. We met Mom and Chris in ATL and flew on to Mexico from there. She hitched a ride on Papi's luggage. Best way to travel :-)