Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tiny Chicks

Up until a couple of weeks ago, Georgie was taking Cheernastics or Cheer and Gymnastics. While on our way to Life Group two weeks ago we got a call from Coach Shelby who coaches the competitive cheer team at Sonshine. She asked if we would consider letting Georgia join bc one little girl had to drop out last minute and she thought Georgia would be a good fit for the team. We talked about it and prayed about it and ultimately decided to go to a practice and check it out. SHE LOVED IT!!! we are today (my birthday) at her first "showcase" which was like a dress rehearsal. Her first competition is in a few weeks. The other little girls have been on this team since April so we have a long long way to go! She is so brave and so fierce! She has this "go for it" attitude that I only wish I had possessed as a child. She isn't afraid of anything and just wants to "try her best" and take it "seriously". Her words, not mine. I swear she is such an old soul. I am beyond over the moon proud of her. She loves her team and loves the little girls on it! I asked Coach Christina (her other coach for the Tiny Chicks and her Cheernastics coach) what it was about Georgia that made her think she could do it. Her response, "She listens, she obeys, she pays attention and she has the capability to be taught anything." Ya'll swoon does not even begin to describe how happy that made me. My baby listens! Pays attention! Woo hoo! Now of course it would have been cool if she had said, "I think she is the next Gabby Douglas and she has mad skills." but I think the former is even more of a compliment. Honestly, I just wanted to do it to see her all dressed up bc these bows and rhinestones are to just die for. XOXO-Amanda