Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Velvet Anchor

Bottom line is I couldn't do it without my family. My velvet anchor. The ones that keep me grounded and these guys are always there for me. The more I grow the more I realize that my mom is the best friend that I ever had. I loved this vacation and I took the time to slow down and remember that our time together is a gift and to relish the charms of the present, to breathe and to notice. This family laughs and loves, prays and protects, apologizes and appreciates, dreams and discovers, fights and forgives, teases and trusts, gives and grows, believes and belongs and loves. Most importantly just loves. I love being with with my family and being able to "just be". Sometimes I feel like I am "on" all the time and it is so nice to just relax and sit back and be quiet. They let me be quiet. I love them for that. They love me too :-) XOXO- Amanda