Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Natalie came and spent the weekend with us last weekend. We shopped Holiday House, we ate too much, we talked about Baby O, we played and laughed and had a wonderful weekend. We also decorated for Christmas! This is the third year we have made a birthday tradition (my birthday) of dragging out the Christmas and doing my mantle and door. I honestly couldn't do it without her. We got to spend the day with Courtney on Saturday too. SO.MUCH.FUN. I miss them both already. I wish we could shop and lunch every day :-) Natalie left last night and while giving Georgia a bath, she looked at me and said, "Mama, Im a little blue. Something is missing." I, of course, asked her why she was blue and she replied, "I really miss Aunt Nat. I really like it when she is here." BOO HOO! Made me smile because she loves her so very much and made me sad bc I wish she were closer. It was a wonderful weekend. One that makes me thankful and feel blessed and fills my heart with the good stuff. I am blessed. My child is blessed with a slew of people that love her. We are both pretty lucky girls :-)