Sunday, October 14, 2012

Summer In Rewind

I am ashamed of myself! I cannot believe it has been MONTHS since I have updated this blog! I think it is safe to say with all of the social media and picture sharing that I still "feel" like I'm blogging but it's just not the same. I am uploading a few shots from my camera and my phone in a very dismal effort to "catch up". It has been a crazy summer to say the least. Wendy is having a baby, Natalie is having a baby, Amy is having a baby,Micah is having a baby, Alicia had a baby, Suna had a baby and I swear whomever I am forgetting I am sorry! We have laughed and cried and played and kept the roads hot running around. Georgia has been an absolute delight as always and she has hit her biggest growth spurt to date over the last couple of months. She went from a 3T to a 5T in a matter of weeks and this kid has legs for days! Fingers crossed she will be tall like her daddy! My wish for her (as I have documented here) is for her to never ever have to have a pair of pants hemmed. Also of note, Amanda Rhea and Jeremy have gone through a divorce this summer which has lead to lots of mommy and daddy questions of course and many life lessons and opportunities to share. I have grown this summer. This summer showed us a lot as a family. This summer has taught us lessons and taught us what kind of family we want to be. I feel like I have learned a lot about my friendships, my marriage and myself as a mom and most importantly my relationship with God. Learning and growing turns out to be a good thing, says the girl who doesn't like change :) My baby girl started Pre-K in August and that has brought about a whole new thought process in that she has less than a year to Kindergarden. I'm not at all ready for that. Isn't there an ancedote to make them stop growing? My apologies if I have shared this story but a couple of months ago we are driving down the road and I say to Georgia,"Baby, you are growing like a weed." Her response, "Are you going to put weedkiller on me?" LOL! Sweet girl! Hope everyone has a blessed day! Enjoy the pics from our summer in rewind.