Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Butt

Sometimes we call Georgia, pumpkin butt. I have no idea why and as I type this I realize how incredibly lame it is...but there you have it...We call our child pumpkin butt. I digress. Georgia wanted to "carve" a pumpkin this year. Never before has she expressed an interest in this. We have always had these light up pumpkins and pumpkins for decoration but to carve one is something we have never attempted. On the way home from church on Sunday she told us she wanted a rockstar pumpkin. With hands playing a guitar and cool hair and legs and stuff...mmmmmkay. Jonathon and I gently explained that we may not be that talented and we might want to consider something else i.e. lower our standards. She said she would settle for a witch. With a broom. Needless to say, we had to set our sights a little lower as carving a pumpkin is no easy task people. She came out spoon at the ready (she dressed herself) and was busting at the seams to go. She declared almost immediately, "This is disgusting." She made her daddy do it all by himself. First, she at least stayed outside with us and colored then she bolted went in and changed clothes and decided to just wait it out where it was warm and cozy. You can see our finished products on the front porch with the faux pumpkins. Jonathon worked hard and I am so thankful for him. He is so patient with her and he will do anything to make her smile. Not limited to scooping out nasty pumpkin guts. We are really looking forward to Halloween tomorrow. Our little pumpkin butt will be a pirate. We had to go to the market today after work and pick up candy for all the other trick or treaters that will darken our door. I.Can't.Wait. I hope she shares her candy with me :-)