Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting Her Cheer On

They have started stunting at Georgia's Cheernastics class. Makes this mama a little nervous :-/ I have always been terrified that should she decide to continue to cheer/tumble instead of dance that she would be a flyer bc she is so little. She has been a base the last few weeks and holding up some little girls on her back much bigger than she is. I honestly do not enjoy sitting through this class, its crowded and loud and there are crying babies and bad little kids and often times no where to even sit...but I do it bc she loves it. I do it because I want her to have confidence. I do it because I think its character building. I do it because she deserves it. I do it because her face lights up when she talks about it. I do it because I want her to be whatever she wants to be. I do it even though I would much rather be at home doing ANYTHING else...but thats what Mom's do. I do it bc I would do anything within reason to make her smile bc her smile is contagious and it warms my heart. She is worth it. She is worth my time and energy and every ounce that we as parents can devote to helping guide her into becoming the best possible human being she can be. She is already sooooooo amazing. The best is yet to come. XOXO-Amanda