Saturday, May 5, 2012


There is a quote that I saw the other day that said, "There is no word for old friends who have only just met." I never really got it until recently. I have a friend named Detra, whom I met professionally a number of years ago. When we moved to our new home two summers ago, we became neighbors and a beautiful friendship began. I love her. She radiates goodness and happiness and is all the things that you could possibly want in a friend. She is strong in her faith, has a good listening ear and gives good solid honest advice. She is kind of awesome. She also has two amazing kiddos in Micah and Kayla and Georgia just happens to fall right smack in the middle of them age wise. We love our playdates with them. I am getting old and set in my ways and to be honest not great at letting new people in. I am so very glad I decided to open myself up and make a new friend. I am better for it and I am so very grateful for her friendship. Lucky me :-) These are the first pics I have taken of our kiddos together but certainly one in a long line of playdates. We are always much too busy talking and catching up for me to remember to get my camera!