Sunday, March 25, 2012

Papaw Dan

My dad came to see Georgia a few weeks ago. I wish I could bottle up the time that she gets to spend with her grandparents bc it is so very special. Perhaps the most special thing a child can have. I grew up within walking distance of my Granny Jean and Papaw Elam's house and my Granny Ruby and Papaw Doster were a few miles away but I spent every single weekend with them from the time I can remember until I was too cool to spend the weekends with my grandparents anymore. On school nights I would drive over and eat dinner with one of them or my parents and I would go together before I was old enough to drive. To date, I count the four of them as the biggest blessings in my life. They are the biggest and best part of me and I miss them so very much. Even though, Georgia's grandparents are scattered across the state and country they all do the very best they can to spend time with her and she loves them all so very much. I hope each of them impact her life the way my grandparents did mine. I think she has a thing or two she can teach them as well ;-)