Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Beginnings

2011. Where did it go? I am fairly certain I say that every year...This year however has been the most life changing we have had as a family of three (or four if you count Zane). At the end of 2010 we moved into our new home so this was our first official year here. We have found our safe place here and it truly has become home. Jonathon has worked nights since we married nine years ago and this year he changed jobs...he is officially home with us! We love it. We have had family dinners, family prayers and family bickering lol. It has been the biggest blessing to date for our us and I thank God every day that Jonathon can be here to see her grow. Also of note, after a very long time I also changed jobs. My stress level has gone from through the roof to almost non-existent thanks to the blessing of my new job. Faith in God is also having faith in his timing and this time the time was just right! This has made me much more present for my family and for that I am grateful. Georgia went from being a toddler to a little girl right in front of our eyes this year. If you asked me to explain it, I can't. Just to say that she is her very own person now. She is no longer an extension of me. She is Georgia. She is Gigi. She is Georgie. She is Gracie. She is Pickle Bottom. She is GGP. She is whatever and whomever she wants to be. But she will always be mine all mine :-) This year she moved out of her parenting gymnastics class into regular "big girl" gymnastics and ballet and tap. I don't have to hold her hand anymore...sniff sniff. She discovered that she likes to wear her hair straight from time to time (like in these very pictures) and I learned how to french braid. We welcomed some new cousins this year in Blake, Finn, Jackson, Payton and Stone and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of some new additions is 2012. She had her first official sleepover with Bella AND she spent an entire weekend with my Dad and she loved it! She was so brave! She is learning to write and can spell her name like she has been doing it for years. She memorizes books and reads them to me as if she can already read the words right off the pages. She loves the color pink, to wear my make-up and to eat spaghetti. She loves to play tickle fight, have movie-thons and snuggle with her mama and daddy. What I wouldn't give to keep her this way forever. But as she says when I tell her that very thing..."Mama, I have to grow up" She is wise beyond her years ;-) Pretty little thing. I love her. I love my life. I love that God has blessed us. I love that we have worked for every single thing that we have and we will continue to work and build our lives and help mold this precious girl into the best human being we possibly can. I love love. And Georgia Grace- I love you most of all. Here's to 2012 and all the good yet to come.