Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Family Christmas:Take 2

We are such suckers. The trampoline was supposed to come on Christmas morning from Santa Claus...but like a bunch of little kid ourselves we couldn't wait to give it to her! Christmas Eve afternoon Jonathon and Chris spent hours (as they always do) putting her gift together. They put it together in the garage so she wouldn't see it in the backyard. To say that she loved it would be an understatement. She had so much fun jumping in the garage. After everyone else opened up all their gifts we caved and gave it to her under the guise of Santa needing help to put it together bc it wouldn't fit on his sleigh...clever, no? I have a feeling this one won't fall for the shenanigans as long as the average bear. She is to inquisitive. We enjoyed having Mom and Chris here so much and it wouldn't be the same without them here to help us out. So blessed to have them. Of mention, did anyone notice her mexican dress in the photos? Well...I told her she could wear ANYTHING she wanted to open presents and of all things this dress is what she picked. We bought it two months ago and ya'll I swear she has grown two inches since we got back!