Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sand and Sea

Hello again. I have been gone for way too long! I started a new job about six weeks ago. The Monday we returned from this vacation actually. Needless to say after eight years at the same job, this has taken some settling in and a lot of transitioning. All great changes are preceded by chaos. Touche'. This vacation was much needed as was this new adventure I have embarked on with my job. It was time for a change indeed! Natalie and Aaron went with us this time which was such an added bonus. We sunned and ate and drank and celebrated! They got engaged while we were there! AMAZING. Unforgettable. Priceless. I think we all had a really wonderful time. Thank you Mom and Chris for allowing us these opportunities and letting us all tag along. It means the world. We love you. Also, if I had time I would tell you about each individual picture. However, it took me two months to even get them on here so don't push it. Just know it was amazing and there is a picture for every story. Some of my favorites were: La Laguna, Fajita Republic, lunching and lounging by the pool, watching G with her Papi and Mimi, Nat and Aaron's engagement of course and just being with our friends and family. It was blissful. Here's to next time :-) Can't wait!!!