Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fair Game

The Fair!!! It comes but once a year and we like to make the most of it! First stop...Corn Dogs:

Notice the sad face. Her idea of a first stop did not include food...she was ready to ride!:

First "ride": The Slide. At the end of the night, she said she liked this ride the best :-)

Next stop, Quack Quack:

What would a fair be without seeing family and friends! We got to see Brazos, Misty and Sparrow. The girls each picked ducks and won a prize:

Jonathon's Go To Game: Basketball. I don't think in all the time I have known him we have missed a fair or left a fair without him winning this game. Its a tradition:

Giving Sparrow kisses:

Jonathon, Georgia and Brazos showing their negotiating skills LOL:

Riding the Caroseul with Me. Love it:

We ran into the Dumas and Pruitt family. Gabbing it up:

Toys that make noise. Gotta love those:

Doesn't she look like a professional horn player?:

Heading home after a long and fun night. Last stop... Funnel Cakes:

Finishing it off in the car on the ride home. She said "Mama, I was getting tired but a funnel cake was exactly what I needed" I mean is she 3 or 63:

This was a perfect Friday night. It took us 1.5 hours to get there bc traffic was so bad but it was so worth it! When we got home she was out like a light. Until next year :-)