Monday, August 1, 2011

Family Ties

My Uncle Britt was in town visiting from Kansas last week and we drove down the The Village to have dinner and catch up. Sam came sans his twin brother Luke, and my Aunt Jane's mom Miss Doris and "Uncle" Larry, my Uncle Britss best friend who lives here. I love G getting to spend time with my family who are so far away. It makes me miss them even more when I get to see them :-( She loved visiting and told me just last night, she wanted Uncle Britt to come over...she still hasn't grasped the concept of distance yet, as she told my Mom on Friday to just fly over with Papi and go to the movies with us. "Come on", she said,"it will be fun." It was so nice to see some Elam's...can you see any family resemblance?! :-) Everyone says I look just like my Mom...and I know that I do but every now and then I see a little something else too. Good thing they are all good looking ;-) Happy Monday!!!!