Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Things are certainly heating up around here! We have been keeping the roads hot and it is already over 90 degrees here and we are barely approaching June! We spent Memorial Day at Amanda Rhea's and had the BEST day. Jonathon and Jeremy both had to work so we made a girls day out of it. We grilled hot dogs, made cheese dip and lounged around all day. It was an awesome kick off to summer. I love it. The girls are so much fun now! I remember when they were little and being out at the pool was so stressful and an ordeal...those days are gone and here to stay is the excitement of getting to play in the water all day. I love having my little water baby out in the pool with me. She is not scared. At all. She swam from one end to the other to the other with her floaties on. The panda and the hippo water toy you can see in some of the pictures they have had since the first summer they were born ;-) Swim lessons begin next week! Enjoy our pics. This was a great great day. One for the record books :-)