Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Things are certainly heating up around here! We have been keeping the roads hot and it is already over 90 degrees here and we are barely approaching June! We spent Memorial Day at Amanda Rhea's and had the BEST day. Jonathon and Jeremy both had to work so we made a girls day out of it. We grilled hot dogs, made cheese dip and lounged around all day. It was an awesome kick off to summer. I love it. The girls are so much fun now! I remember when they were little and being out at the pool was so stressful and an ordeal...those days are gone and here to stay is the excitement of getting to play in the water all day. I love having my little water baby out in the pool with me. She is not scared. At all. She swam from one end to the other to the other with her floaties on. The panda and the hippo water toy you can see in some of the pictures they have had since the first summer they were born ;-) Swim lessons begin next week! Enjoy our pics. This was a great great day. One for the record books :-)

Voodoo Lounge

This kids imagination is out of control. We have decided she is like Travis from Hope Floats. She is someone completely different every single day. It is amazing. She is amazing. I am in love.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Straight Up Now Tell Me

The product of a mama with a straight iron and I wasn't afraid to use it....She looked so big!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

T-O-T 1-2-3!!!

Georgia's TOT's performance was last weekend and she did so good! Mom came in to watch and of course Nana and Papa came to watch as well! She has been practicing her basketball moves all semester and it paid off! More than anything they had a blast doing it...I have the pictures and a cheap plastic trophy to prove it :-)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Finn!

We have been waiting nine long months for the arrival of this little man. If I had a nickel for everytime G asked me when will Finn be here I would be loaded. My friend Wendy had Finn on April 29th and after a long stint in the NICU he was able to go home with his family. After they were settled at home, three very excited little ones went over to meet their new familiy member! Georgia, Jax, and Chloe of course were all born within a month of eachother so this is the first new addition to their little gang! He is beautiful and lovely and cuddly and smells nice and he has big blue eyes and a little bit of dark curly...which I think will make it much easier for me to pass him off as my own when I steal him away in the middle of the night :-)I love him. He is perfect. I can't wait to see him again!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tea Anyone?

Last weekend Amanda Rhea and I attended the First Lady's Tea at the Governor's Mansion. Amanda's niece Tessa and her best friend Brianna came with us. They are thirteen years old and I'm pretty sure after the fun of dressing up they thought it was boring and lame lol. Im sure I would have thought the exact same thing at thirteen! The best part of the entire day was that Georgia got to spend the afternoon with her Auntie Suna. She adores Suna and I am certain the feeling is mutual. :-) Thank you Suna for being so sweet to her and thank you for keeping her on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. She had a blast!

Friday, May 20, 2011


My little baby girl blazing trails and fashion paths for all 3 and 1/2 year olds to follow... Because no little girl has ever had her ears pierced right? What a momentous moment for my girl! I was conflicted...I thought she was too little then she wasn't ready for the trauma but oh how she wanted earrings...like Princess Jasmine. She has asked for a week every day and I promised her when she was ready we would do it. She was ready. So off we went with Mimi. She hopped right up in the chair and while I could tell she was a little nervous, "Mama, how long will it hurt?" , she wore such a brave face. We picked out tiny cz's and they were perfect. The girls did them at the same time and upon the "click", she gave her surprise face and then some whimpers and I scooped her up for some love. She didn't cry just whined a little then she was over it. She was ready for the mirror! She picked out some bright blue glitter nail polish for a treat and then we went to Target and picked out a new Snow White dress! She is so proud of her earrings and I am sooooo proud of her. Of course you don't have your camera when you need it, so we made do with the phone.

Above: Showing her brave face!

Above: Ready for her ears to be pierced!

Above: Immediately after---Surprise Face :-(

Above: Over it...now she is on to checking out the goods in Merle Norman...hmmmm....what does she need? LOL. She settled on the nail polish.

Above: Letting Mama give her some love.
>Above: Showing the big inflatible Sports Clips guy her new big girl earrings as we were leaving!

Above: Riding high in Target after our date!

*This was such a great night. Las Palmas, Target, new earrings, whew! We're tired today! Happy weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Belle Beast

She calls Beauty and The Beast...Belle Beast. These are the things I do not want to forget. That she says, "Mama, I wanna watch Belle Beast." :-) I want to rememeber these days forever. They are precious.