Sunday, April 10, 2011

City Mouse. Country Mouse.

There is our family. Then there is the family we choose for ourselves inside our circle of friends. I do not have siblings but God has given me a handful of girls that I would call my "sister". Amanda Rhea is one of them. We set out this weekend to her Mom's house, otherwise affectionately known as Granny Becky. Of course the weekend wouldn't have been the same without Uncle Shane, Patricia and Tessa, Gage and Drift! These are crazy snapshots of our weekend in the country! She flew kites, ran free in the fields, played with the bunnies Clover, Sunny and Blue and the pigs Bowser and Jubutu, rode four wheelers, jumped on the trampoline, played chase with Drift and ate until her little heart was content. I am so glad these two little munchkins get along. Thank goodness for that. Ms. Becky asked us this weekend what in the world we would do if they become teenagers who can't stand each other? LOL. The best we can hope for is they love each other enough now that it feels like family. We teach them to say what they need to say to each other give the other some space and move on. Here's hoping it goes that smoothly. Eddie even accused Amanda Rhea and I at one point of bickering more than the two of them. LOL. Yes, I suppose we do. That's why I love her. I felt like I was 13 years old again :-) It was a wonderful weekend. We missed Jonathon and Zane but I think they had fun holding down the fort and watching the Masters. I have a super busy week this week and will be traveling the state far and wide. Please send prayers for safe travels. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!!