Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowpocolypse And A Very Happy Birthday

All Jonathon wanted for his birthday was to be snowed in...I guess someone up there likes him :-) Today my handsome husband is 33 years old. It doesn't really seem fair that he gets more handsome as he gets older and I just get older. LOL. We played in the snow all day and made "snow biscuits" in a pan and then G ate them up. Yes, I let my kid eat snow and she loved it. She even wanted snow biscuits for breakfast!We made Jonathon a birthday cake and had our own little celebration yesterday just in case we weren't snowed in today. Ha! It is 10 degrees outside and Im pretty sure it looks like we will be homebound again. There isn't a chance it will get above freezing so we will just stay in and eat cake. Happy Birthday Baby! I hope it is everything you hoped it would be.