Monday, January 10, 2011

18 Days

18 days. That is how long Jonathon has been on vacation. He has soaked up every second he could with this baby and tonight I can tell he is so sad he has to go back to work tomorrow. I see it in his face and I see all the extra hugs and kisses he has given her (and they are always plentiful but tonight they are coming by the bucketload). The snow day gave them an extra day together but I think tonight it really sank in. They have so much fun together! We have so much fun together. I am glad they are my "tripod" and we have eachother. I am thankful for GROUPHUGS...the way G says it all runs together like one word and I am thankful for what a wonderful father my husband is. BC dude he rocks it. He is UH-MAZING. Can't wait for the weekend already ;-) Say a little pray as we all forge full speed ahead back to work and school and the real world tomorrow (given the weather cooperates). We all need it.