Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wicked Awesome

Jonathon and I went to see Wicked for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and of course we didn't come home empty handed. Given G's insane curiousity about the Wizard we didn't even tell her where we were going! She stayed with her Aunt Wendy and when we picked up her she was up watching Toy Story and Woody a.k.a. Georgia, was ready to hear about Jessie and Buzz's date (She has taken to calling Jonathon and myself Buzz and Jessie respectfully and she wants to be called Woody. ALL.THE TIME...but that's a whole other blog). We told her we got to meet Elpahba and Nessarose and that the Scare Crow's real name was really Fiyero and the Tin Man's Boq. She asked us over and over again if the wicked ole witch really was nice...I think she was very relieved to know that she was very kind. LOL. She didn't take this t shirt we bought her off for three days and had she not gotten ketchup on it, Im sure it would have lasted longer. Love that little drama queen of mine and loved having date night with the hubs. :-)