Sunday, December 12, 2010

To Bethlehem

Georgie had her first official "program" last week! It was entitled "To Bethlehem" Aunt Amanda and Bella came over before and the girls got their hair and nails done. They looked so grown up! G couldn't stand still during the program and I think she had a bit of stage fright. Im not sure she ever actually found us in the audience. I was in the front videoing and there was a split second I thought she was gonna make a run for it to me when she spotted me...that is captured in one of the pics here where she is looking pretty desperate. She really did do a good job and was so brave :-) She looked around for her daddy and rest of our family the whole time. This marks the beginning of the chaos. From here on out it is full speed ahead to the holidays. Not sure I'm ready yet. Im already tired just thinking about it ;-)