Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

What a weekend! Dorothy had a ball. Just for recording purposes I need to record her the things she says bc they are too funny. For a two year old I will say that she does perhaps have an unhealthy obsession with the Wizard of Oz...but it sure is sweet! She says, "I'll get you my pretty...and your little dog too!" "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?", There's no place like home", and of course, "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore." She knows that the scarecrow needs a brain, the lion needs courage, and the tin man needs a heart. LOL. She also can sing Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead (all my therapist friends please refrain from telling me this is probably not good....LOL), Over The Rainbow, and We're Off To See The Wizard. In short, my kid is brilliant. So there. We had fun but man it was a whirlwind. We trick or treated, we handed out candy, we stole candy from our own bowl, and we trick or treated some more. What a night! What a night! We got lots of good loot and she was soooooo brave! I was so pround of you little pickle! XOXO. Can't wait to see blog pics of all your little ones :-)