Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Ta-Ta Sisterhood

Race For The Cure and all things pink. Two of my favorite things! We joined 45.000 people on Saturday morning for the Race and learned that we have the 3rd largest in the world right here in Little Rock! How cool is that? We raced in honor of Miss Becky or Granny Becky as she is so affectionately called who has been cancer free for three years now! And we raced in memory of my Granny Doster and Georgia and I chose the jersey numbers 05 and 21 to commemorate her birthday of May 21st. SO MUCH FUN! SO AWE INSPIRING to see so many women out there doing something good and honoring the women in their lives. Georgie Poo had the time of her life and this was her 3rd race! WOW! Bella and Chloe took cat naps on the walk but not mine. Nosey Nelly had to be right up in the middle of all of it! We had our pics made with Mrs. Beebe and a PIZZA! Georgia thought the pizza was way cool and she wanted to take her home. LOL. Enjoy the pics. Happy Sunday!