Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Parade"-ing Around Town...

It comes but once a year to our sleepy little town and being from an even smaller sleepy little town myself, a parade is just enough to get my blood pumping! The excitement that follows the parade is almost more than even I, a grown woman can handle...THE FAIR!!!! Amanda Rhea and I took Bella and Georgia downtown for the festivities and it was in a word...interesting. It's supposed to be Fall or the coming of but it was easily pushing 100 degrees this evening. IT WAS SOOOOO HOT. The girls didnt complain but you can tell from their flushed cheeks how hot it was. We stuck it out for over 3 hours and Bridgett and her kiddos joined us too. Mine was enamored with the music and shook her groove thing every single chance she got. She was also very entertained by the trains...we were right by the tracks that run downtown and at first it was fun, but after like, i dunno, the fourth one she was OVER IT. LOL. She was ready for them to move on out. LOL. Jonathon had to work so he wasn't able to go with us but he loved seeing her in action in these pics. I wish it was a video :-(