Sunday, September 26, 2010

Once Upon A Fair...

Once upon a fair, there was a little girl named Georgia. She loved adventure and lucky for her so did her Mommy and Daddy. They waited each year with great excitement for it to be fair time again. The fair brings corn dogs, funnel cakes, sweet tea, games to play, and lots of interesting people to stare at:-)Georgia was finally big enough to ride the rides which was good news for her mommy bc for years she had been trying to talk Georgia's daddy into riding rides to no avail. But alas, like all good fairy tales, her Daddy caved to his little princess and he rode every single ride she wanted him to. Again. And again. And again. This made Georgia very happy. They all ate and drank and rode rides until their little hearts were content. Then they all went home with a smile and big ole tummy ache. The End.

*And they lived happily ever after :-)