Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet Feet

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Is there really anything sweeter than little feet? I mean really? Bella and Georgie Poo are rocking out there Chucks here for all to see. I am thankful this morning for my friends, my family, and every blessing HE has bestowed upon me. Included but not limited to these little sweet feet. Work has been tough lately and SO easily I let it affect my entire mood and life. Today I am thankful for ALL that I have and grateful for all that is yet to come. Happy Monday everyone. :-)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Once Upon A Fair...

Once upon a fair, there was a little girl named Georgia. She loved adventure and lucky for her so did her Mommy and Daddy. They waited each year with great excitement for it to be fair time again. The fair brings corn dogs, funnel cakes, sweet tea, games to play, and lots of interesting people to stare at:-)Georgia was finally big enough to ride the rides which was good news for her mommy bc for years she had been trying to talk Georgia's daddy into riding rides to no avail. But alas, like all good fairy tales, her Daddy caved to his little princess and he rode every single ride she wanted him to. Again. And again. And again. This made Georgia very happy. They all ate and drank and rode rides until their little hearts were content. Then they all went home with a smile and big ole tummy ache. The End.

*And they lived happily ever after :-)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Parade"-ing Around Town...

It comes but once a year to our sleepy little town and being from an even smaller sleepy little town myself, a parade is just enough to get my blood pumping! The excitement that follows the parade is almost more than even I, a grown woman can handle...THE FAIR!!!! Amanda Rhea and I took Bella and Georgia downtown for the festivities and it was in a word...interesting. It's supposed to be Fall or the coming of but it was easily pushing 100 degrees this evening. IT WAS SOOOOO HOT. The girls didnt complain but you can tell from their flushed cheeks how hot it was. We stuck it out for over 3 hours and Bridgett and her kiddos joined us too. Mine was enamored with the music and shook her groove thing every single chance she got. She was also very entertained by the trains...we were right by the tracks that run downtown and at first it was fun, but after like, i dunno, the fourth one she was OVER IT. LOL. She was ready for them to move on out. LOL. Jonathon had to work so he wasn't able to go with us but he loved seeing her in action in these pics. I wish it was a video :-(

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Little Sagittarius!!!

I think this series of photos are the best depiction of my child's personality...she is quite the entertainer, quite the showman and also so loving it will melt your heart into a million pieces. I'm pretty sure on this particular night I captured every single one of her moods. LOL. She had a ball! I am so proud of the little lady she has become. See the profile below for the Sagittarius child. It's spot on :-)

Sagittarius kiddos are happy-go-lucky and are always on the move, and who from a young age will bounce around the house with a skip in his step and a song on her lips. This is an adaptable kid who will accept and even embrace change readily, and who will be the first out the door when the family is planning a trip. She will live her little life with reckless abandon, exploring, discovering, and pushing her boundaries every waking hour, with her exasperated parents always a step behind. Early on, that Sagittarian "mouth faster than brain" trait will show up, and it would behoove parents to watch what they say around her, lest they find her happily spewing family secrets to all the neighbors. Once in school, expect your little Sagittarian to be the class clown, with a lot of admiring little friends. She will certainly not be the most focused kid in the class, but she is smart enough and ambitious enough to do a good job in her studies, especially with gentle guidance. Sagittarius kids will likely be interested in sports while in school, and this is good outlet for them, both to burn off energy and to teach that discipline is not always a bad thing. Sagittarian kids may also show a penchant for the performing arts while still in school, and should be encouraged in this respect, as many a Sagittarian has made his mark in show business.