Monday, August 2, 2010

And The Best Is Yet To Come...

My two sweet sweet babies. My everythings. My loves. My life. I LOVE THIS PICTURE. Too bad the quality stinks bc I took it with my phone :-) The absence of blogging is due to being swamped both here at home and at work. We close on our current home and the new home...(did I mention we bought a new house) in less than two weeks! WOWZA! I have worked from the time I have walked in the door from work until the time I have fallen into bed every night for the last week. I am starting to feel like I am finally getting there. The down side is I can tell Georgia misses my full attention in the evenings which I really do try to give her and I am missing our quiet time and not loving the chaos that is our home right now. It isn't "homey" anymore and that sucks. I havent touched her room yet so she still has that and the playroom...the rest of the house is completely stripped and in shambles. All for the greater good :-) I CANNOT WAIT TO GET INTO OUR NEW BIGGER HOUSE?! Did I mention it was BIGGER?! WOO HOO! In this pic we are eating on the living room floor sans rug bc it went with the some of the other things that were passed on or sold in our moving sale.Which by the way I orchestrated the entire sale BY MYSELF and worked it BY MYSELF and by the end of it, Im fairly certain I had never been more exhausted. Garage Sales are HARD WORK!!! Georgie Poo went to work with her daddy that morning so she wouldnt be all up in the middle of everything and I'm pretty sure she had a big morning filled with McDonalds and using the work phone... I digress. computer (my good computer, not this little mini mini notebook) is on a princess table set up about two feet from the ground so other than having to obtain work documents off of the harddrive my use of it wil be minimal until after the move. Ill keep you guys posted on my level of sanity. Right now Im just tired and cranky but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I REALLY wish my Mom were here. Her OCD could come in handy about right now. LOL. Love you Mom. Also of note,Zane is totally freaked out by all of this, he has no idea what the heck is going on but I can tell he doesn't like it and is very unsettled. I hope he likes his new digs ;-) Hope everyone stays cool out there it is wicked hot. If we can all just be patient and loving and get through these next few weeks...the best is yet to come!