Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Highs and Lows

On the ACTUAL REAL DEAL 4th of July we decided to try to redeem our Saturday night firework fiasco. We started out by taking G for a swim...here is a play by play of seriously what seemed like the LONGEST day ever.

All sunscreened up and ready to roll. Only she looks like she is high. Seriously. When she gets sick its all in her eyes. I kept asking her if she felt bad which the response was always, "No mama."

Less than fifteen minutes later this was the scene. Poor baby. I have never seen her turn her back on water :-( We packed up and went home for a nap.

After a VERY LONG nap she wanted to play so we filled up the kiddie pool. She lasted less than five minutes. She crashed out again.

After nap number two she REALLY wanted to go to Target with me. So she took a bath and was ready to go! You can tell she was feeling better. Her eyes are perky :-) I think she was afraid she was going to miss out on a toy.

After a successful trip to Target she is playing with her new toy...a MICROWAVE!

Pretty girl...even though she is moving so fast the pic is blurry.

Riding her "bicycle" before we headed out for the fireworks! She was EXCITED!

Once we got to there...it started off well...

Then she got antsy and impatient...notice the less than thrilled look.

Then she wanted back in the car with Zane.

Next, she kicked him off his OWN blanket...

Where she then promptly crashed out again and fell asleep. Zane, Jonathon, and I enjoyed the fireworks then we headed home for some much needed rest. Whew! What a day!

*Monday she felt a thousand times better! Dr. Mom(that would be me) diagnosed her and deemed the illness a combination of allergies and tiredness that were cured with Zyrtec and sleep :-) Yay for a happy and healthy Georgia!