Saturday, July 3, 2010

Family Matters

Awwwwww. The joy of a Saturday morning. Nothing to do, no where to go and I don't have to brush my teeth if I don't want to. Love it. This weekend is for relaxing with my lil nuclear family, but last weekend we had the distinct pleasure of spending with my extended family and it was nothing short of wonderful. We ate, we drank, we swam, we ate some more and we just loved eachother. IT WAS PURE DOWNHOME BLISS! Mom and Chris were here for the annual Country Club tournament and we went home to visit Uncle Bruce and Aunt Sharon and Uncle Tony and Aunt Greta for a day. Now, for some reason the Uncle Bruce pics are on my camera but the Uncle Tony pics are on my moms (MOM-SEND ME THE PICTURES!!!) so you are only getting half of our day :-) It always makes my heart smile when I get to see my family and be at home. There isn't anything like the peace that comes over you when you are right where you are supposed to be. I miss it there. I wish I got to see them more and mostly my heart aches for them to all know Georgia in all her glory not just short spurts over the holidays. I think I need an airplane. Yes, an airplane. That would solve all my logistical problems! I hope everyone is getting to spend this holiday weekend with friends and family and soaking up the sun. We are going to make the most of every minute of it. These days will be gone before we know it and Georgia Grace will be all grown up and moved away and then I'll be whining about not getting to see her more. I tear up just thinking about it. :-( Have a great holiday weekend! Love you guys!