Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Warrior

What a weekend! What a great perfect weekend. We have been SO busy the last few weeks and finally got a chance to spend an entire weekend just hanging out as a family. On Friday night we kicked off our two day extravaganza of nothingness with a trip to Georgie Poo's favorite place in the whole world...Outback. On Saturday we loaded up the whole family (Zane included) and hit the pool! Amanda Rhea was in Oklahoma and Jeremy was playing golf so we borrowed their backyard for the afternoon :-). We had Same Ole' Joe's Pizza for late lunch then topped it off with a lazy afternoon nap. On Sunday we wrapped it up with church, cleaning house, having a Beyonce' dance party and she helped me make brownies and then dinner for her daddy! Jonathon always comes home for lunch on Sunday evenings and we LOVE that. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle this week because it is going to be a busy one! We had a truly blessed weekend. :-)