Thursday, June 17, 2010

2nd Generation...

Sometimes it amazes me how much has changed since kiddos and college...I had an idyllic college experience. I got to be far enough away from home that I had my own freedom and close enough that it was a short two hour drive if I needed/wanted to go home. The very best part about college life were the friends I made and the lifelong relationships that were built by a bunch of 18 year olds just trying to figure it all out. I am BLESSED (I say that a lot and I never forget it) that we have all stayed friends years after we were done with our "schooling". I cannot believe I have been out of school for eight years! EIGHT YEARS!!! *big sigh* Now of course, Court and I have been friends since Jr. High but we met Melissa and Toni our freshman year and have been friends for almost 13 years! HOLY SMOKES!!! THAT MAKES ME FEEL SOOOOOO OLD!!! I never dreamed we would all be meeting for dinner with our babies and still gabbing like a bunch of teenagers over cheese dip and salsa...and margaritas and beer. SOOOOO AWESOME! We aren't eighteen anymore but the conversation and laughs still comes just as easily as it always has. We are now mothers, wives and business women and we are ushering in our legacy and 2nd generation of trouble makers :-). Unfortunately, I haven't felt so hot the last couple of days so I was actually kind of a Debbie Downer but I'm glad they love me anyway. I have been struck down with the "summer bug" and it sucks not feeling well in this heat! Its not even officially summer yet and it is scorching hot outside. Mel took these pics of our sweet babies after dinner. Wit, Boston, and G at least obliged and sat on the bench. Its hard to get a bunch of toddlers to look the same way at the same time. Boston is almost 17 months old and Wit is just 6 months younger than Georgie. Just the perfect age to be her boyfriend ;-) In the last pic they are all concentrating very hard on their high five skills. Enjoy!