Monday, May 10, 2010

Orange You Glad To See Me?

Have you ever seen so much orange in one place?! I guess everyone got the memo except Jonathon who opted for hot pink instead ;-) We had the BEST weekend! We ate, we drank, we danced, we shopped, we played, we napped,we just enjoyed eachother and in short we had a blast!!! We even had an impromptu trip to the emergency room! Georgie Poo threw herself down in the floor while I was holding her hand in Cupcakes and Caterpillars and as she went down, I pulled up and I heard, yes I HEARD, her elbow pop. She immediatly freaked out and I was immediatly terrified. We left and I kept asking her if it hurt and she refused to move it. She didn't move her left arm for over an hour... and when my Mom tried to touch it she screamed bloody murder. At this point, all I can think is, "great, i've broken my kids arm." I wanted to cry cry cry. Now, keep in mind it is 2:30 and she still hasnt had a nap. This kid naps EVERY DAY at 12:00 straight up. So...we go to the ER and get straight in to see the nurse. She assures us this is a common injury in babies and she can fix it quickly and without an x-ray. G then decides to perk up and give the nurse a high five with her HURT arm. Oh brother. I wanted to die. Of happiness and emabarrassment all in one fail swoop. I guess we can chalk it up to a very tired baby, an over protective mother and being better safe than sorry. :-)