Saturday, May 15, 2010

Higher Learning

Trying to get two toddlers to stand still at one time is almost impossible. But we tried...We made the trip back to my hometown a week or so ago for a scholarship banquet and dinner with my family. My Uncle Britt came down from Kansas and Amber and her family came down from Texarkana! Amber and I were born 11 days apart and my family had their hands full as we were growing up bc we were always into something! I hope Georgie gets to spend time with her cousins Clayton and Reese as they get older. We were all so busy catching up and gabbing we didnt even get any "grown-up" pics. Catching up with my fam was the highlight of my week. It is few and far between that we see eachother but it is always easy camraderie and alwasy makes my heart smile. :-) Next time, I am GOING to get more pics!!!