Saturday, May 8, 2010


Teaching a two year old to be appreciative can be a tricky task. We have been giving it a go lately and last week at her school they had Teacher's Appreciation Week so she got the chance to practice her new skills :-). On Tuesday she took her teachers flowers and on Thursday she took them a gift. We were supposed to pick something out that they could use in their classroom. SO....her Aunt Courtney made these signs for her teachers room! They turned out so cute and she was so excited about giving them a present. It was sweet :-). Georgie truly is GREAT at always saying thank you and being polite, especially at restaurants, gas stations, or a number of other places we frequent. Lately, I have noticed her using "thank you' and "appreciate it" interchangeably. Its so cute, its funny! We had a CRAZY BUSY week hence the absence of blogging. Promise to do better this week at the request of a very special Uncle Bruce that happens to be overseas and needs a GG fix :-). Have a great weekend!!!!

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