Sunday, April 11, 2010

Walk Like The Animals...Talk Like The Animals

We went with Amanda Rhea and B to the zoo today and met all the girls and the babies. SO MUCH FUN! It has been a WONDERFUL weekend.

Ready to Roll!


Shady Lady.

Cutie Patootie Booties.

Aunt Natalie and my fake smiling baby. She gives me this face everytime I ask her to smile. *big sigh*


Biggest Turtle EV-AH.

"What is that giraffe doing?"

Can you tell they are all hot and sweaty? It was almost 85 degrees and its only April! Gonna be a hot summer.

"MOM!!! Let go of me!!!"

Boston isn't ready for an older woman yet! Ha!

The girls were obsessed with petting Boston's head. Too funny!

"Hey dude, can I have some of that tea?"

"Paxton, I'm going to need one more kiss before we say good-bye"