Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday Indeed

The evening started out rocky with a very tired little girl, but her mood perked right up as the evening went on. The first three pics are before we left...and the rest are after. You can certainly see a change :-). It was so windy while we were taking pics! She was excited her Nanna and Papa were meeting her at church! We typically attend early church on Sundays but we had an added Friday night service option so we decided to go last night instead. The service was amazing and Georgie Poo had fun in children's church too! Usually the music is VERY contemporary and still was last night, but they threw in some Old Rugged Cross that brought me to tears. I sometimes miss the traditional hymns I grew up singing and listening too but after last night it might be best I don't hear them EVERY Sunday, bc they make me cry like a baby! After the service it was storming SO bad that we literally rushed home to be with Zane who had clawed the door facing off of the door leading to the garage bc he was so scared. I wanted to be mad at him, but I felt so sorry for him I just couldn't be.
Georgia Grace looked so sweet all dressed up in her Easter dress and was kind enough to indulge her mama and let me take some more pics once we got home. We have big plans for the rest of our holiday weekend. One includes Easter egg coloring and another includes an evil plan to get rid of the paci and Build A Bear. Stay tuned....Happy Easter everyone!