Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Eggs!!!

We had so much fun dying Easter eggs with Georgia for the first time last night! I haven't dyed eggs in probably more than 10 or 15 years! When we finally figured out how to hard boil eggs we were good to go! I told Jonathon when we put them in the dye solution that we were gonna have to wait for the dye to set in...the last time I remember dying eggs I remember it took forever for the eggs to get REALLY bright. Awesomely enough, the egg dye people over at PAAS have figured out a way to just dip and be done. Way better for impatient little babies! She and Daisy almost had to take a nappy nap mid way through the eggs boiling bc I didn't think she was gonna make it :-) We will hide and hunt eggs after nap time today and I am soooooo excited! Oh, and if you didn't notice her wild hair dont care in the photos take a closer look, she kept wanting it up then down and it looks like she has a faux hawk! HA!

*Side note* She did so good last night without the paci. She woke up at 1 and again at 4 and fussed a little but she never asked for it. I think at home she is going to be just fine in a couple days but I worry about her at school tomorrow at nap time. That will be the true test. Ill keep you guys posted.