Saturday, April 3, 2010

Build A Bear (or Bunny)

This post almost didn't happen tonight. Why, you might ask? Well, because I didn't think my sweet girl was EVER going to go to sleep. Not because she was crying for her paci or that she even asked for it once, but because she would not STOP TALKING. She wanted me to lay down with her so I obliged considering the (what I thought would be) tragic circumstances. Afterall, it is our first night in 2 years 3 months and 13 days without a pacifer but whos counting? I am probably cursing myself for even saying that she didnt ask for it and the next few nights will be AWFUL but tonight went off without hitch (so far). I guess we will see how I feel when and if she wakes me up at 3 a.m. crying. Here are pics of our journey today. She did so GOOD!!! Im not sure I have ever been more proud of her than I was today. She showed real bravery and courage and acted like the big girl I knew she could. I wanted to lay down in the middle of store and bawl my eyes out bc my baby is growing up too fast but alas, I didn't. I would have if Natalie hadnt been there to make fun of me :-).

Waking daddy up from his cat nap to show him her paci's she will be taking to put in the bear's tummy...

Loud and Proud-LOOK MAMA!!!

Last nap with the paci. *big sigh* *tear from mama*

Showing off her bear or actually bunny! She wanted a bunny so a bunny she got!

Placing her paci in the bunny's tummy. GOOD JOB BABY GIRL!!!

The nice lady asked me if I thought she was going to be OK? She was more brave than she will ever know :-)


Carefully picking out a heart...that says I love you.

After getting just the right one, she kissed it before placing it in the bunny's tummy.

Did I mention already how proud I was of her?

She was a little overwhelmed by all the outfit choices so she just picked out some ponytail holders for the bunny's ears. I promised her when we go visit Mimi in a couple of weeks we will go back and outfit bunny. She was thrilled with that!

Gotta give the bunny a bath :-)

Taking extra care she is all clean (I think this was her fav part)

Introducing Bunny to her new home!!!

Meet "Daisy". Fitting don't you think? Daisy is currently all cuddled up with Georgie in her comfy bed. Lucky little bunny :-)