Monday, March 22, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things

We continue to do gymnastics/playful parenting every Wednesday and she continues to love it...most of the time. We have our days where the structure just pisses her off and she wants to run around like a wild banshee. On these nights, my blood pressure must surely be off the charts but she thinks she is in hog heaven. Most nights she is very cooperative and really loves her teachers and the class. I continue to school myself with parenting books bc I am a dork and one of them advised that you give your children choices and obviously stand by the decision they make if you let them choose. You should give them two choices to choose from so... taking note of this, I asked her on the way home from school last week if she wanted a trampoline or a slide for the backyard this summer. Her reply----a balance beam. Of course it was. :-)